Technical: Preventing X30 Coil Failure on Engine Start

There have been some reports of X30 coil failures on engine startup upon using the push button start.  Below outlines what causes this failure and how to prevent it.

When the start button is pushed the big current (80A approx.) feeding the starter motor passes from the battery to the button, then to the red plastic connector, then to the starter motor itself via:

  • the faston connector for the "+"
  • the eyelet (in red circle) to the engine crankcase (ground) for the “-"

If the connection between the eyelet and the crankcase is weak, the 80A current cannot pass in whole from the eyelet, so it looks for another way.  Both the ignition stator and the coil steel are connected to the engine crankcase, so they can connect the "-" of the starter motor back to the battery terminal, via small cables and via the electronics.  The printed circuit cannot bear 80A, so something burns immediately in the coil when you push the start button.

To prevent this failure, please check that the ground eyelet is firmly fixated to the crankcase, and the connection of the red connector is solid, before installing a new coil.  Once all the ground connections are well done the coil should not burn any longer.