WKA Tillotson Exchange Program

Attention IAME Competitors,

IAME USA East is pleased to announce that the World Karting Association has approved the change to move from the Tryton carburetor to the Tillotson HW-27A carburetor on the IAME X30 engine effective for Daytona this December.

This will be a straight up exchange that will be completely “FREE OF CHARGE” for IAME customers. This change was implemented to better serve the racer as this new carb is more user friendly, has much greater reliability, and the replacement parts are a fraction of the price. Once again, this exchange doesn’t cost the racer anything.

Carburetors are in stock now and will be available October 27, 2014, for exchange and include the following pieces in the kit:


    • PN#10948-C Tillotson HW-27A carb complete


    • PN#X30125816 Conveyor


    • PN#X30125360 Carb Gasket


  • PN#X30125809 Conveyor Gasket

There are several ways to make this exchange possible. First, racers can send in their complete “X30 IAME” stamped Tryton carb to IAME USA East, 130 Motorplex Drive, Mooresville, NC 28115. Please include your IAME X30 Engine ID Serial number located inside the left lower section of the case(one letter and four digits). Once we receive your carburetor, we will send you a new Tillotson HW-27A carb and related parts via UPS or USPS, postage covered by IAME USA. We will also send you an official IAME Engine ID card for your X30 engine that will be required in WKA post-race tech starting at the second 2015 WKA Manufacturer’s Cup event.

Secondly, you can perform this exchange through your local IAME dealer. In addition, IAME USA East will be on site at the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup race in Daytona along with the first few events to perform this exchange for any racers that haven’t done so yet.

If you had to ship your carburetor to IAME USA East or your dealer, we will include a free diaphragm & gasket set to cover your shipping expenses.

Please direct all questions and/or concerns to IAME USA East via email at sales@iameusaeast.com. Please do not contact the WKA offices or WKA personnel for information on this IAME carb exchange program.

Most importantly, thanks for choosing IAME and we looking forward to seeing you at the track!


IAME USA East Tech Support Crew