Model: X30 Super Shifter Spec. USA 175cc
Model: Ages 15 and up
MSRP: $4600 (promo)
Description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
Class: 175cc Gearbox Stock Class
Bore: Ø 63,90mm
Max-bore: Ø 64,26mm
Stroke: 54,40mm
Displacement: 174, 46cc
Ports: 5
Inlet-system: Reed Valve
Lubrication: Oil mixture
Ignition-system: Analogical
Transmission: 6 Speed Gearbox
Cooling-system: Water
Starter: Push Start
Carb-model: HB-15A Tillotson
Max-power: 49 Hp
Max-torque: 27 Nm


The X30 Super Shifter Spec. US is specifi cally engineered around the needs of the American shifter-kart drivers, providing the ultimate driving experience by showcasing a displacement of 175cc. The ideal solution for all drivers wishing to race a top level shifter engine with the benefi ts and the features of stock class engines. The “Spec. US” combines the performance of the very best KZ engines while offering increased performance, reliability, consistency and ease of use. Provided with the new specifi cally developed Tillotson HB-15A diaphragm carburettor, an absolute innovation on shifter-kart engines and manufactured with enhanced components to increase longevity and reduce service costs, this untamable beast is ready to tear the asphalt apart.


***IAME racing engines are designed for closed course racing and/or competition use only.  A closed course includes speedways or racetracks that are closed off to all other motor vehicles besides the racing participants. ***